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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Second Try

Well here we go again. Taxi picking us up in 30 minutes and we are off to airport to see if this time we can actually get off the ground. Sent a note to CEO of Air Canada asking for compensation. I will report later how that unfolds.

So first the Maple Leaf Lounge, then the plane......and we shall see

Now onboard. Fellow passengers happy and like old friends. 

Where are we?

Woke up this morning and at first thought Barcelona felt just like home. Then I opened my eyes and saw I was at home. After a coffee, with milk generously supplied by our neighbour Eddie I I was able to sort things out. Monica, always up earlier than me had discovered that we can now "Check-In" again for the new flight leaving tonight at 5:30. So that is done and same starts and plane configuration.

Also woke up to newspapers that were not suppose to be there. So Toronto Star and Globe and Mail had to be called. Arrangements for our Barcelona taxi and apartments have been modified. So we are all ready to restart this adventure. Hopefully this time we will get at least as far as Newfoundland.

Oh there is still the issue of appropriate compensation. Air Canada is only offering 30% off of a future flight. Given they held us hostage for 7 hours I think they should give us the 30% off the current flight and also pay for our missed first night of accommodation in Barcelona that we are being charged. Now will I have the stamina to wait 65 minutes for Air Canada to amasser their phones????

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Still Grounded

Well it's three hours later. We disembarked with all our belongings and 45 minutes later re-boarded. Now apparently we are waiting for fresh food. Right now a glass of wine and some sleep is all we really need. Oh yes, and the soft feeling of soaring through the air. 

Barcelona please wait up. We are hopeful we will arrive sometime tomorrow 

On Board

We have settled into our Air Canada Rouge Premium seats. Not too bad. We have two seats together and each have an aisle.  Plane has some problem so we are now moving back to gate. Hoping this won't be long delay. 

We each have complimentary iPads so we can watch movies enroute. I'm hoping for early sleep since our arrival is around 3AM Toronto time.  Dinner will be served at take off. Sadly the choices are exactly what we were offered in the Maple Leaf Lounge. 

Tomorrow Barcelona 

Well maybe tomorrow. We were just deplaned in Toronto and are waiting for repairs. Likely will leave Toronto 3 hours late. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Once again we are on the cusp of an adventure. Leaving later in September we are heading to Barcelona and then Dubai. Barcelona is just a quick tipping of our toes into Spain. We plan to return for a longer exploration of culture, and WINE. But this visit is a start. And then we are off to Dubai to inhale sand and understand how our son and his partner live. 

Our trip report will follow as it unfolds 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Our Flight Home - Thank You Lufthansa and ......

On our last day in Italy we arose at 5:45 AM to prepare for our 6:30 AM taxi to the airport. Check in was easy and the customs office agreed to stamp our tax refund form even though we had checked the main item - the new suitcase. Apparently you are suppose to show them the items being claimed to get the stamp. 

The Lufthansa lounge in Rome was comfortable and the flight to Munich pleasant. Upon arriving in Munich we had about a 30 minute walk to the next gate. The business lounge in Munich was ok but not as nice as the one in Rome or even those offered by Air Canada. However once we boarded it felt like we had checked into a five star hotel with a three star Michelin restaurant. We must thank our flight attendant, Mr. Koehler. He was charming and made the last 8 hours of our vacation very pleasurable. 

The Outskirts of Rome

As we have noted Air France created some logistical challenges when they cancelled our tickts 24 hours before our planned flight. The benefit for us was being able to then book business class seats on Lufthansa using our Aeroplan points. The downside was losing one day at the beginning of our vacation and basically one day at the end. We had to leave Palermo a day earlier than planned and stay at an aiport hotel outside of Rome one night before catching an early flight to Munich and then home. 

Monica should become a travel agent when she retires. She was able to find a quirky boutique hotel in a small fishing village just 10 minutes form the Rome airport. The hotel, Al Porticciolo, is only a few years old. The staff were friendly and the colours and design was quite modern - especially after more than 2 weeks in Sicily. Only complaint about our room was it had the strangest shower we have seen and it was next to impossible to shower without flooding the room - as Joe demonstrated. 

The hotel's restaurant has a Michelin Star and we were excited to try it. Our 2:30 pm lunch was pleasant. Our dinner later that night sadly did not match the Michelin rating. 

After our lunch we took a long walk through the local town. The centre of the town contains a very long canal that leads to the ocean.  The canal is lined with large fishing boats. It was fun and colourful.